Friday, October 7, 2011

i've got the power

Shoes: Forever21, Shorts: Target maternity, Shirt: Forever21, Hair Feather:NoMoreTwistHandmade

To make my son already cringe when Mama is passing out the kisses!!!!

SCORE. Embarrassing him for the rest of his life should be a breeze. I'm serious- I am bound and determined to make my children's threshold of embarrassment so high they are virtually impossible to stop. Peed your pants in kindergarten? No sweat. Have you seen my mom dance?! Tripped in front of their biggest middle school crush? No problem. My Mom screams so loud at my baseball games I pretend she's a crazy woman who lives at the bus stop under the bridge. Missed the pass to score the winning touchdown, causing the football team to lose the biggest game of the season? Ain't nothing compared to my Mom's laugh while telling a funny story when the family was out to dinner at Olive Garden the other night.

Yep. They'll thank me.

Nay- they'll OWE me.

I should charge for this.

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