Wednesday, October 26, 2011

i now know why i have kid(s)

Today is cleaning day around these parts. Lucky for me, I have my little helper. It's a good thing I have two brooms because in order for me to be allowed to sweep I must place the other broom into the hands of a certain 15-month old who likes to help. Yes please!!!! Soon I'm handing him the broom and walking away, man! Until then, we must concentrate on mastering the art of not walking through the pile of dirt.... It's alright. We'll get there.

I taught him how to dust today, too, and that went over veeeery well. Very good for Mama. ;) In fact, I shot a short video on my phone of my son DUSTING THE VACUUM. Bahaha!!! This is why we have kids. Oh yes, this is why. Forced slave labor. *insert evil laugh here*

So, here we go. Outfit for the day:
dress: Forever21, flannel shirt:A&F (aka- ebay secondhand), glasses: Claires

Pictures of Ro that caused me to stall momentarily from my work...if I only had the discipline to stop after one:

And proof that Sophie is a great help around the house, too. (This is how she sat for at LEAST 10 minutes) I just don't know what I would do without her....

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