Tuesday, October 4, 2011

have you ever....

Dress:forever21, belt: Target, earrings: Ezer Kenedgo Jewelry, Purse: gift, Glasses: Chanel **lesson I just learned- when pregnant, putting a belt above the belly was a common sense move in my head. It shows that your entire body isn't huge, just your belly. HOWEVER, I have just discovered that putting a belt under the belly is magical, also. Pretty excited about this.

...had your hair cut while flying in a plane? I haven't but Roman has!

Friday we took Mr. Man to get his first hair cut. All who know us are shocked that we did, because we like the long/shaggy/curly look on him. But since it had never been cut the shape of his hair was wacky, since it was just his baby monk-mullet that had grown out. We decided that if we got it shaped now, it could keep growing but look nicer, and so even with our request that it be kept "as long as possible" our son had his beautiful locks trimmed short. At least it will grow back!

There were no tears in spite of many kids screaming and crying around him. He was concerned and uneasy at first but as soon as he realized the wheel moved, he was happy to play with that and be cheered on by Mama and Daddy for his big-boy-courage. He wasn't a fan of the clippers and hairdryer, though he tolerated them, but fell madly in love with his first lollipop. Mama picked a cherry dumdum for him...Mama will not pick a bright red lollipop next time. Do they make clear lollys? Ugh. Oh well, those bright red stains will come out of his dress shirt... and my white dress... right? Eek.

Live and learn.

Live and be proud of my brave boy.

Oh, and bring on the temporarily-removed-but-hopefully-soon-to-grow-back shaggy head full of curls!


  1. He is getting so big! He is so cute.

  2. I saw a photo of him on facebook and thought he got a haircut because he looked...so much bigger! :-( Bittersweet.

    You look hot :-) LOVE the belt under belly. It didn't work for me before the 20 week mark because I simply looked fat. But now that the belly is bang bang bang out there, it works.