Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy Friday, all!

Hello dear friends :) I have been taking pictures and thinking "oh, I can't wait to blog about this" about a million times a day lately, but since it's hard to type a good blog entry from the ole' telefono, I am waiting until I get home.

For now, head on over to Get Busy Living (you can click on the colored words and it will take you right there) where I am guest blogging via video(vlogging?) for the day! :) I'm having a little chat with myself about one of my favorite ways to apply eye shadow. Exciting, no? Who doesn't want to watch a girl stand in front of a mirror and talk to herself. Creeeeepyyyyyyyyy.

So, having given you that compelling introduction, go check it out. And stay a while! Jess is an incredible gal with a phenomenal life story. She'll be your new best friend.

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