Tuesday, October 18, 2011

back to...normal?

(on the plane)

We have arrived safely back to HI and are getting back into the swing of things. Being back to the normal schedule is nice, as is not living out of a suitcase. There's a strange phenomenon occurring right now- I feel like I have been gone from Jerry/home for at least a month but the trip to Cali just feels like a dream, and while I was there it felt like it all happened in 2 days or less. How does that all work? I can't figure it out...

But we're home. :)

You know, sometimes I think it's good to leave home just so you get to experience the feeling of coming home. All of a sudden your husband, personal belongings, bed, shower, etc. feel so much more precious than they did previously. Even when you have great accommodations while you're gone. It's simple: Home is good because it's home.

I'll do a post later this week with pictures from some of my favorite moments, though I didn't remember to take a picture during some of the very best because I was so caught up in appreciating the moment...so my brain has those pictures instead of my camera! Fortunately I was around some picture-minded people who would say "Can we get a picture?" and I would shout, "YES!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!" And so we have at least a few pictures. Bless those people. :)

So much fun hearing people say "I read your blog and...." or "I love when you wrote about ______ on your blog and ....." It's so funny (funny ODD, not funny "haha") for me to think of people reading it. (Hi, Cali friends/family who read this!) But I love knowing that they do. It's nice knowing we're connected.

As I type, my little world-traveler is napping and the list of things to take care of is not getting any shorter. So I'm going to click "post" to this blog entry and get going on the day. Laundry, groceries, cleaning.....

Did I say once that it was good to be home? ;)


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  1. There's no place like HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome back, darling.