Wednesday, September 21, 2011

You Won't Know Until You Try...

For years now I've dreamed of being a stylist. Not like Rachel Zoe, who styles the elite of Hollywood (though I'll admit even that looks fun!), but for real people who are living life. Especially for women. I have such a desire for each woman to understand her beauty and to walk around confident in that beauty. I don't believe there is a body or a face that is less than stunning. I do believe, however, that there are a lot of women who don't know what their personal style is let alone how to dress with it, or know how to dress the body they've been given.

I really, really think that what you believe about yourself to be true directly affects your ability to live up to your full potential. And for whatever reason that it is, I believe the way you feel about your personal appearance strongly affects how you feel about yourself. If those two statements are true, then the way you feel about your personal appearance directly affects your ability to live up to your full potential. Sound shallow? I hope not. I think it's reality. If you walk around feeling like you look horrible, you walk with your head low believe that you aren't worthy of the attention of others. If you don't believe yourself to be worthy of the attention of others, how will you make ripples and affect this world?

Anyway, because of this passion in my heart, I have wanted to be a stylist. I want to help people shop. I want to teach them about what looks good on their bodies. (Who cares if you hate your thighs/waist/height/legs/etc- there are ways to make your best features stand out and your least favorite features blend in so that your attributes get the attention and you feel pretty.) And lately...over the past 4 years even...there have been enough things coming together that I feel like I'm really supposed to give this a shot. And so I bought the web domain of my blog.

And I'm trying my hand at fashion blogging along with all the normal stuff I did before to see if people want to hear what I have to say. And I created the vision, packages/prices, and set up examples. (Check out the new tabs on the top of my blog to read these!)

My goal is to keep it reasonable. I know $100 sounds like a lot for a style board plus 3 hours shopping when you have to have money to buy the new clothes, but it's a great gift for a husband to give a wife for Christmas, birthday, "push present," "Congratulations you're pregnant," etc. And if you don't know how to dress your body, $100 can equip you with the knowledge to change the way you feel about yourself, your look, and enable you to do it on your own after that. Maybe that makes it reasonable?

Anyway, I'm marketing it around here but made it available online, too. Because a Style Board can be emailed, even if I live too far away to personally shop with you. And because I'm hoping those who pick up my business card in Hawaii locations will come here to check it out. So here we go... I'm giving it a try. The worst that can happen is nothing at all. The best that can happen is that I get to live out a desire in my heart. :)

So check it out- look at my past work and all the other different tabs. And leave your feedback. I'd love to know what you think. xoxo


  1. I think this is SOOOO up your alley. You will do wonderfully. Long LONG ago (when I only had one child, HA!) I too did some fashion/style blogging and had a blast. I even went and saw Tim Gunn for a fashion show at the Exchange in Arlington, VA. It was way fun. I did trends of the season, this and that, but MOSTLY I stressed on dressing for YOUR body and making it work. I really DO believe a woman should search for a seamstress the same way she searches for an OB/GYN. It can take something bought at Ross for $14.99 and make it look like you paid $200 for it. I'll have to mail you a link to a post I did on different body shapes/what you should do and avoid dressing that body type. We have lots to talk about :-) Also, I think your prices are more than reasonable! Maybe at first do some sort of insentive in order to get word-of-mouth advertising out there?

  2. Hi Lauren, I found your blog through Michelle Suereth who I knew at Millersville. Anyway, I had to leave a comment because I was JUST thinking about something along these lines this morning. I have a 2 year old and a 5 month old and after this second baby, my body shape has.....changed, :) Hippier, a little pudgier, all that jazz. I finally caved and got a few Fall pieces that fit instead of trying to squeeze into my old stuff. It's amazing how a shower, make up and flattering clothes make you feel beautiful even if you aren't societies "ideal" body. There's something encouraging when you know you look put together and classy and those hips and pudge came from 2 little miracles. Not sure if that makes sense. :) all that to say "go for it girl! good luck!"

  3. Daniella, does that mean YOU MET TIM GUNN!??! If so, I'm going to get very excited. I love him. :) I agree with you that tailoring can make miracles of cheap finds and I love that you had the fashion blog you did. Can't wait to hear about it. :)

    Sarah, I love that you found my blog and read it :) I love Michelle so much... And I'm so glad you left the comment you did. That's exactly what I'm talking about!!! I found the same to be true in my life, which is why I care so much about it. Showers and clothes and make-up just make you feel different. :) Thanks for leaving encouragement!