Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Unexpected Madhouse!!!

Missoni is a designer that I have loved for years. And I generally can't afford a piece of their collection easily. I'm sure I could eventually save for it but spending a few grand on a comforter for my bed isn't on my top list of things to do any time soon! Let's be real- probably EVER. They have a chevron pattern, always multicolored, that is their trademark and I love to see patterns mixed. I like their clothes but I love their home goods even more. And today they released a line at Target! How glorious when, for a limited supply, a designer becomes available to the masses for a price anyone can afford. Prices ranged from a few dollars to several hundred, and Jerry gave me his blessing to get their duvet and sheets as my Christmas gift this year, also contributing the remaining of my monthly spending money from now until Liam is born. Done and done.

So, last night I checked the Target website before going to bed. It was 4amEST and nothing was available yet. Thinking I would just order it in the morning and avoid having to run to the store in the middle of my busy morning, I went to bed. My eyes opened, Roman was still sleeping, and so I reached for the laptop. Problem: Target's website was so busy the server wasn't able to let me in. I waited several minutes for them to get me in, only to discover that everything I wanted was already sold out. By 8am my time. For that matter, almost everything was sold out online!!! Morning plans were re-vamped and I was headed to Target as soon as Roman woke up.

I arrived less than an hour after the store opened and every. single. shelf. that held Missoni items was empty. Adorable women and men oozed from every aisle and I noticed a mass gathered by the bedding. I wandered over and asked a friendly-looking girl if they were bringing more out. "That's what they said...but they've been gone for a few minutes and we haven't seen anything," she replied. Okay. Roman had his cereal, I had my coffee. We could wait.

Oh, they came. They brought out a cart, flanked by two associates and led by a security guard! Is this Black Friday and I didn't realize it!??! Are they giving this stuff away for free?!?! I knew I wanted a duvet but I did NOT expect all of Honolulu to come out for the Missoni release. Before I could get anywhere near the merchandise they put out, it was gone. Vanished. Empty shelves again.


And that's how it went for about 2-3 more times. Each time a cart came out and the product disappeared, though, I plotted and took notes- and my bravery grew. No, I didn't punch, bite, shove, or belly-check anyone. They're lucky. I did, however, realize where I had to stand in order to have a chance to reach what they were putting on the shelves before it was gone.

An hour later, I had successfully collected the duvet cover I went to get, in the exact color scheme I wanted, and the right size! In addition to that, I got three accent pillows to go on the bed and a vase for my kitchen. On my way out the door I found two cute plastic tumblers in my pattern, too, and I grabbed them because they were under $5 each and I collect cute tumblers. I'm sure my water will taste even better now, of course. I might only be able to drink half a glass at a time, though...it might be too fancy for me.

I have never participated in the Black Friday craziness but I've heard the news stories of people getting run over as Wal-Mart's doors opened. After this morning, I sure don't ever need to be a part of it! But boy, was it worth it. And I feel proud, as though I earned my bedding. The price of a pretty bedspread is steep!

Is it Christmas yet? :)


  1. Does this mean that you are not opening it until Christmas?!

  2. That's exactly what it means, Jamie! :( I will cry tears every day (ok maybe not- that's a little too dramatic) for the next three months. Jerr told me I could open it but if I do I won't have anything to open on Christmas. Which doesn't really matter but having something to look forward to would be fun. Although Liam is due two weeks later, so maybe that's enough to look forward to. Maybe I should enjoy it now before worrying about breast milk getting on it!! lol