Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Special Mementos

My goal during each pregnancy I will have is to save up my personal monthly spending money and put it toward a special purchase that will remind me of my time carrying that particular child each time I wear them. For me, the special items are objects of fashion.

While carrying Roman I saved up (I'm talking, saving every penny I had for about 5 months) for a pair of Chanel sunglasses. For Liam, it was saving up for a Michael Kors gold watch. Not quite as ambitious as the sunglasses, (this time only about 2 months) but since I bought it yesterday, I still have another few months to collect my money and buy a second item if I so choose.

I know they are "designer items" but that fact isn't why I buy them. If I was a name brand kind of gal, I would buy Coach purses and all that jazz. But I don't. For me, it has to do with my love of fashion, the fact that I follow certain fashion houses and have certain ones that I just love. I see fashion as art. It is like a person who loves painting, who studies it in their free time, and spends their money collecting valuable pieces that will maintain their value and become heirlooms for their children. Fashion pieces are the same. If I keep them in good condition, they will be valuable and vintage when my children are grown and I can hand them down. In fact, my goal for each of my "pregnancy mementos" is to give/will them to the child I was carrying during their purchase. Now, Roman may not appreciate owning a pair of vintage Chanel sunglasses some day, but his wife might. And I am looking forward to the day when I'm old, and probably dead, (because let's face it- I'm me. And if I'm alive and breathing, I'll still be putting on my special baubles!) and being able to pass that down to be treasured by the next family member.

Why Chanel and Michael Kors? Because I love those fashion houses. Those two, Louis Vuitton, YSL, Hermes, and Burberry are my loves. I guess I like French fashion, with a smidgeon of English style. And for those of you who aren't well-versed in the world of designers, it's just the same as the stores at any mall in America. There are certain stores that are "your style" and others that aren't. For me, Anthropologie, J.Crew, H&M, with a dash of Gap, Banana Republic, and Urban Outfitters define "my style" and get my money when I have some to spare. It's the same with the designers I mentioned- I feel like their design aesthetic speaks to me. And because I feel like fashion is art the same way painting, writing, music, and dance are art, it means a lot to me when I am able to own a piece. The fact that they require me to save for months makes them even more special- they require sacrifice.

Maybe it sounds silly, but to me it's quite special. My engagement ring means more than I can put into words BECAUSE not only is it stunning, it is Jerry's great Aunt's ring that was passed down. That sentimental value makes me stare at it throughout the day, even though it's been on my hand for over 5 years! And I just think it would be cool to be able to pass down a special memento to a wife (or a daughter, if I ever carry one). Wouldn't it be cool to wear a watch that your husband's mom bought while pregnant with him, and one that still had monetary value? That's my thought, anyway. And in the meantime, they are special to me because every time I throw on my sunglasses, I remember the privilege I had to carry Roman. And now, I'll remember Liam's pregnancy the same way. xoxo


  1. a watch that works! it is amazing:)and you deserve it Lauren!

  2. LOL yes, finally I can tell time with my wrist jewelry! ;) Thanks, Kate. I love you!