Friday, September 23, 2011

So, We Walked...

Last night we walked in "Light the Night" with the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society. Jerry had a really good friend that he'd been close to since middle school, named Josh, and they played every day after school- basketball, football, whatever. After Jerr enlisted and was stationed in Cali, Josh lost his battle with Leukemia. So last night, we walked in memory of Josh. Hence the gold balloon.

Gold was in remembrance of, white marked survivors, and red was for anyone else who was walking. We waited until dark because every balloon had a little gizmo attached that lit it and the effect was, I'm sure, quite impressive to those who passed us. It was a short walk, only two miles, but it was the first walk I've ever participated in.

I'd like to do more like this. And I loved that Roman was on the walk, too- our whole family was walking. I want to raise our kids so that they think loving on the world around them is normal and just what you do.

Thanks to all who sponsored Jerry and I! We each met our goal of $100 and it felt really good to do something for others. Can't wait to find our next opportunity. xoxo

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