Monday, September 19, 2011

The Secret to Style

Having style doesn't necessarily mean having the right things, it's knowing how to wear the things. It's knowing how to wear the things in a way that's all your own. I'll show you what I mean.

This morning I started with something basic- jean shorts and a striped shirt.

This outfit could be styled many different ways, depending on your style. I picked the shoes that I thought fit the vibe, I wanted to wear those shorts, and this shirt is one I haven't worn in the past week or two so it was nice to mix it up. (My make-up does not change between these pictures and the next set.)

Since there was nothing personal about the outfit I needed to do something to make it personal and "Lauren." So I decided to pull my hair back with a headband since one of the blogs I've been reading lately has been inspiring me with some new ways to wear my hair. After that, I needed a piece of jewelry to add a pop of something- everything still felt too plain. Too "catalog." Enter feather earrings. Ah, much better. :)

Shorts: American Eagle, Shirt: JCrew, Headband: Target, Shoes: Navy Exchange, Earrings: Ezer Kenegdo Jewelry

The combination of the two made my shoes feel off, so I decided to change them out to go along with the new vibe.

I have learned that as you personalize an outfit, they each come along and speak to you differently. They even tend to affect my attitude. Some days I'm demure, some days I'm a spitfire, other days I'm relaxed and the next I'm sassy. It raises its own "chicken and the egg" question, of sorts: Which came first, the clothing or the attitude?

The thing that makes the second set of pictures different lies in the added details. (Now you see the need for special accessories.) It's not about whether you would wear it that way yourself or not, because some may but others wouldn't. It's not even about whether others LIKE it or not. It's my style. And that's what having style is all about.


  1. So adorable! Thanks for posting this!

  2. Perfect. This should be a weekly blog post!

  3. You're welcome, Mols! Thanks for your feedback :)

    Jamie, you're a huge motivator in this blogging change-up so keep it coming! Thanks for all your ideas/thoughts/encouragement. xoxo