Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Roman is the most perfect son for me. I love him. And laughter is always a ready response. There are a few things lately that have made me fully appreciate this little boy:

While we were skyping with Aunt Lindsay the other day, he was pulling memo notes off of the note pad and spreading them around the floor . So I took one and stuck it to his forehead. Then I just sat back and enjoyed the show. IT WAS AWESOME. He was looking all around trying to see what was going on. It was the equivalent to the old prank where you tell someone to try to bite their ear- you know exactly what I mean so don't try to pretend you've never done it, Fancy Pants. For the record, I was not the only one who laughed that day.

I have always warned people that "I'm a musician and not an athlete." This translates in real life to throwing a ball to Roman so he can bounce it back to me and ACCIDENTALLY smacking him in face with my throws- on a regular basis. He doesn't cry. He never tells me that I'm a horrible thrower and ground me from ever playing ball with him. He laughs and we keep on bouncing. It may be the reason why he has started running in the opposite direction with squinted eyes when I throw lately, though.... I'm not kidding.

Today we were playing outside when he saw two pillars close together at the end of our building. Roman thought it would be a fun experiment to squeeze between the two pillars...only he couldn't. He made it until he got to his ribs, and then he was good and stuck. At that point there was no more squeezing through to be had. Picture half of his body out one side and his feet waving in the air from the other. I was dying. (Yes, instead of helping my son. Don't judge me.) The best part was, he was laughing just as hard! He alternated between whining for help and laughing because it was an awesome predicament. Calm down, I helped him out. Eventually.

(See, at least I didn't take pictures of him when he was stuck. We'll pretend that's not only because I didn't have my camera on me at the time.)

Oh, and also, he thinks my dancing is cool. If you've ever seen my dancing you will vouch for me- that's all I need to say.

Yep, he's perfect. A lesser kid wouldn't have a chance. ;)

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