Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pool Days and Self-Created Holidays

Dress: Forever21, Hair Feather: random kiosk in the Navy Exchange

I love the days when Jerry gets off work earlier than expected. Yesterday he was home for the day at 1pm!!!! Woot!!!!

So we took Ro to the pool- what a fish we have!!!! If you hold him under his belly he kicks his legs and uses his arms to splash, with the world's biggest grin on his face the entire time!!!! He loves being dunked completely under water, which makes use of the phrase "hold your breath" that we taught him during bath time to rinse the shampoo out of his hair since he was itty bitty. And he asks "Down?" during the entire time. As if I'm going to let go of him and let him cruise the pool by himself!

I'm pretty sure he's going to kill me with his sense of adventure before I have a chance to become old and gray! But this is exactly the reason I love raising him. I love his unabashed sense of adventure, his love of life, and his adoration of water that is so great he still refuses to go inside even when his lips are blue and he's shivering.

What a guy :)

After said guy went to bed, we had two of our dearest friends over for the second self-proclaimed holiday this month: Modern Family Season Premier Night!!!!!!!!! Oh, it was a good night. Welcome back, Modern Family. I have missed you so.

Don't you love when days that appear normal at the start become something memorable? xoxo

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