Friday, September 9, 2011

Mommy's Little Helper

I am constantly fascinated by watching Roman grow and develop. When I look at him I still see my little baby, but is SO not a baby any more. Walking, talking, and my new favorite- helping me!

Jerr and I want to raise our kids in a family-centered, as opposed to a child-centered, house. That means sharing, serving your family members, and being a part of the greater good is important... and whether or not you were the one who actually made "that mess" is less important. My mommy heart takes such pleasure in seeing my son try to help me. :)

I'm learning that grocery shopping is a job for both Ro and me. I pick the apples/onions/etc, hand them to him one-at-a-time, and he puts them into the bag I hold open. I give him light bags and boxes of things that I get off the shelves and ask him to put it into the cart behind him. And when it's time to switch clothes from the washer to the dryer, he stands in front of the open dryer as I hand him the light things like socks and undies while I take care of the heavy jeans and shirts, and together we fill the dryer with wet clothes. Yesterday I even picked him up on my hip and held him up to the dryer so he could help me throw his laundry into the washer. He had fun (of course he did, he got to throw things)- and his reward was getting to play in the water that was filling the washer after all the clothes were put in. The best part about all of this is that he loves it!!!!

Even cooking dinner is a time to work together. Last night I was making roux in a pot that needed constant stirring and Jerr was holding Roman so he could see. We handed him a bowl and a spatula and he stirred his imaginary food while I stirred dinner. I just love him. I feel like he and I are a team through the day. He has learned "clean up" and will help me after we're done playing in his room or with toys in the bathtub. He is even able to take off his own shoes when we get home, or to help take off his shirt, pants, and diaper for bath time.

I'm sure this isn't an uncommon occurrence...but I have never spent much time around babies/kids and the fact that he's doing these things at 13 months blows me away. My baby! My little burrito that I grew in my belly. Responding to my requests and helping around the house!??! Wow, do I love this amazing little boy. My momma heart is proud. xoxo

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