Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How To: Fill in Your Eyebrows

Yep, it's video time again ;) I know, you've been dying for more Lauren-face-time because the last video wasn't awkward enough. Well, don't you worry. Here I explain what I do when I fill in my eyebrows each morning. Come hang out with me for the next 4 minutes!

PS- I cannot get enough of this nail polish color!!! I blame my friend C. It's her fault.

It's Sally Hansen Instant Dry in Mint Sprint.


  1. LOVE that nail color! And I'm going to try this eyebrow thing too. :)

  2. This is definitely something I dont do usually... maybe time for me to add it in.

  3. PS- the awkwardness is way overshadowed by your loveliness ;)

  4. LOL Thanks Jamie! true or NOT, I appreciate your comment! ;)

    And yeah, try it and then tell me what you think! I didn't do this for the longest time but once I did it for the first time I couldn't believe it was something that I hadn't done. This is now my second-most-important part of my makeup routine...second only to how badly needed the foundation is!