Thursday, September 29, 2011

gotta be inspired

So I have two new ways to flex my muscles- feathers and flowers. For the hair. (ooooh. aaaaaaah.) I find that my collection of accessories grows while I'm pregnant because it's pretty pointless to spend my money on clothes. I have my few maternity things to last me but most of them are completely unexciting...tanks, cardigans, jeans, etc. It's now that I really start to bank on my accessory collection to be special and make me feel like some part of my outfit has pizazz. And since I watched my necklace collection blossom during my first pregnancy, it seems my hair jewelry is having its day in the sun. I blame this on another blog I like to read.

When Casey shows pictures of herself she always has her hair done up with the coolest headbands that seem to hold up a mess of hair that is so perfectly imperfect that it makes me jealous. So when she finally showed a side shot of her hair the other day, I saved it (stalker-like, aren't I?) and decided I would try for the same effect. Her hair seems to be slightly shorter than mine so I may have to to have to tweak it for myself a little bit, but I'm excited. It takes her typical tee-and-jeans outfit and makes them look much more unique. All because of a little headband! And is a haven for unique headbands that have more character than the Goody ones you can buy at Target. So to I went. And I bought two beauties:

Feather clip: NoMoreTwistHandmade, Headband: designsbyabbylynn

I'm not done working the headband. I kept the shots close up because I wasn't very pleased with the turnout but I had 10 minutes to get ready before teaching piano lessons this morning and I had to figure it out while telling a 14-month old that no, he in fact was NOT allowed to climb up the bathroom cabinets. Interesting. So this was just to get me by, but I'm expecting much better results tomorrow when I can take a glorious half hour during nap time to put the bangs down and try again. The feather clip with vintage button in the middle will be for a day when the hair is down and curled. I'm thinking it won't happen tomorrow but this weekend looks promising. Stay tuned for that. But I feel like it has great promise and will be the simplest of simple to rock.

I ordered these two things because I didn't have anything like them...because I have never done anything like this with my hair. It's my way of pushing myself outside the box, requiring my creativity to step it up a notch. It's the same pleasure I find in identifying a piece of clothing that is "in" for the season, feeling unsure as to whether I know how to actually make it work, and buying it because I am determined to wear it and wear it well. Anything I haven't done or don't know how to pull off I automatically have to have and try. It makes me flex my creative muscles. It pushes me outside my comfort box. It develops my sense of style more.

What are you scared to try? Or what have you finally mastered that you were previously intimidated by? What's stopping you?


  1. Umm, I'm scared to try anything new because I feel like I look stupid. Like other people are thinking that I am trying too hard.

  2. u just made my day :) smiling so big!

  3. Jamie, I know that feeling. There are times I walk around convinced my future self wants to tap my current self on the shoulder and say "Don't wear that- you're going to regret this choice in about 5 years." But I've decided that will probably be the case no matter what I wear if I am wearing what is personally expressive of who am I now. I'll keep growing and changing- so, in turn, will my clothes. But no one will think you're trying too hard if you're being real with what you're wearing and if it speaks to a part of you. Because you'll wear it differently when it speaks to you. So even if you feel different than you usually do when you put on something that is outside your norm, (because you will) it doesn't mean everyone is staring at you. Though you may feel like it. I have finally gotten to the point where I don't care if other people like what I have on- it's often that others DON'T- because it's not for them. It's for me. And I am okay with who I am. So move in freedom and let others worry about their personal problems judging people ;) You're beautiful inside and out. And you can rock whatever the heck you want!

  4. Casey, thanks! By commenting, you made mine. :)

  5. love this post! and don't you just adore Casey?! I think she is the most amazing person...inside and out! ps...your blog is too.cute!

  6. @our love story, thanks for checking me out!! YES, I think Casey is amazing. Love her family, love her style, love her heart. Can't wait to check out your blog! So glad you stopped by xoxo Lauren