Saturday, September 3, 2011

Garage Sale Madness

Today I experienced my very first garage sale. (I know, I just heard screams of disbelief)I have never even attended one, so being the host was quite the lesson. For example, did you know that people are CRAZY about garage-saling?!?!?! We had signs up that posted our sell times from 7am-noon and people were standing outside the garage waiting for us over half an hour early. There were some people with rude behavior, like trying to destroy an item so they can get the price lowered. That boggled my mind. And there were really fun people who were great to talk to while they scoped out the scene.

I never even considered having a garage sale- we actually only had a pathetically small pile. Our pile consisted of things like a bag of adult clothes and a bag of baby boy clothes that had been waiting to go to goodwill, a small tv from college, our old microwave, a stroller, two small Asian-inspired nightstand lamps, a few baby toys, and a small nightstand. Other than some small odds-and-ends, that is it. And we were going to donate it all to Goodwill. But a few weeks ago two of my girlfriends, who live on base, asked if they could use our house as their garage sale site in order to get customers who didn't have military IDs. We said sure and just laid our pile there to see if anyone would be interested. $100 later, the garage sale is over and we only had a very small box of leftovers to take to Goodwill. That's crazy!!!

Not that I don't want to donate, but we just made $100 on things that we weren't going to do anything with. It feels like a treasure! Completely "extra" money that we didn't plan on. And I know most people probably make much more than that on garage sales, but we really didn't have much to sell! It's just so cool- can you tell I'm excited?

To recap: I de-cluttered, hung out with three girlfriends this morning, and in five hours made $100.

What a good day!

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