Sunday, September 11, 2011

Game Night

Tonight was game night with two of our nearest-and-dearest couples on the island. We do this pretty often, and the order of events goes a little like...
-girls look through cookbooks [and drool] and chat while guys grill
-eat an amazing dinner of sweet potatoes/pears/garlic over arugula, ribs, chicken thighs with a cranberry sauce, grilled sweet corn, and caramel-covered apples.
-play Pictionary (Girls win!)
-laugh often

Best moment of the night: I drew an amazing picture of Godzilla during an all-play for the girls to win on the turn. The guys start complaining about how fast we got it and look at our picture. They go crazy because the picture that I had drawn is, in fact, a picture of a tall office building with a large gorilla hanging from the side....King Kong. However, immediately upon seeing that drawing, the first guess from my team was "Godzilla!" And so I screamed, "YES!!!!" Does it really matter that I drew an entirely wrong monster if my team guessed the correct one??? NO. And the best part? My team never thought to guess King Kong. Hey, it doesn't matter HOW the girls win. It matters that we won.


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