Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Four Years

Today is Jerry and I's 4-year anniversary. It's funny because it feels like we have been married so much longer. I guess it's because we've been friends since we were 16. And we've been legally married for almost 5 years now- although since we didn't "do the things married people do" until our actual wedding night, we don't count that time as married. It was just a way to get my belongings moved to California at the Navy's expense. So four years it is. And the days are even richer now than they have ever been.

I married the best man in the world- my dream man. Really, I did. I made a list when I was about 15 that had every quality that I was willing to wait for in a man. These were the non-negotiable things that would keep me grounded when my crazy, girlie, hormonal brain tripped up on someone lesser than I was willing to settle for. Things like treating their family with absolute respect, having an intimate, living, breathing relationship with Jesus, and who made me laugh. I still have the list. I put it in a shoebox under my bed the night I made it and I added other papers to it over time...slips of paper that just read "I prayed for you today" and the date that day, and letters to my future husband when I despaired and wondered if I'd ever get married asking if he was really out there waiting for me the way I was waiting for him. And that box was my wedding gift to Jerry. But seriously- every single quality that I had on the list, Jerry is. He is the man I have dreamed about and waited for. He is also a ton of other things I didn't write.

He is patient, romantic, gentle, fierce, attractive, a good father, a hard worker, one of the most intelligent people I have ever met, hilarious, sensitive, assumes the best of everyone, and treats his family (parents, siblings, AND our immediate family) with priority and love. He puts me above everything else, including things like work, school, things he does for pleasure, and even football!! Which leave me in a really cool position where I am able to love football instead of resenting the time it requires, even when having a Fantasy Football team. He manages to balance working full-time with taking college classes full-time with actively hanging out with Roman every moment he's home with being an amazing husband to me. He's a man who believes that taking care of Roman is a hard job, harder than the job he goes to work for every day, and that anything else that I get done in the day is just that much more beyond the call of duty. Yes, he has told me this. Many times. He will turn off an interesting show or stop playing Tiger Woods on wii (which he doesn't even play often- he traded in his xbox after we had Roman, telling me that he just didn't want to be the husband/dad who gave it so much time.) to come spend time with me, telling me "You're more important than ________. I choose you." Hearing those words makes a girl smile. Every time.

He's a good man. He's a great husband/father. And he's the perfect one for me.


  1. I remember driving to your college dorm....dodging a speeding ticket with which you weren't so fortunate and we wrote a prayer to the Lord about our future mates! I remember crying out to the Lord and being so frustrated with 'boys'! haha But I kept that for my husband to read too! How awesome God is to hear those prayers and give us the desires of our hearts! Who would have thought that actual 'perfect man' existed! BUT GOD built our faith that night and decided to bless us with more than we could ever hope for! Thank you Lord for keeping our hearts preserved while we were patiently waiting for the person you have ordained us to be with! How much more powerful we can be with a helpmate to fulfill God's calling on our lives!! AMEN! Congratulations on your Anniversary Celebration! ~Jenelle Bulsza

  2. Jenelle, I remember that too! What a cool time together and how neat to see how God brought each of us the perfect romance. :)