Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sometimes You Gotta March Alone

Earrings: ancient, Shirt: Forever21, Skirt: Target, Shoes: Forever21

Sometimes I decide to march to my own beat in spite of how it may look to bystanders. Today was one of those days. No matter how silly I may have appeared, I was that crazy preggo who chose to walk up the two flights of stairs (that was open and able to be viewed by all in the building) while wearing a tight skirt and gladiator platform heels. With the escalator running only a few feet away.

Eh, forget about 'em. My calves were burning, which means I exercised today. Now I can enjoy guilt-free football games with Jerr from my comfy couch while Ro naps.



  1. Not to be weird but your rear end looks fantastic. Must be all of those stairs ;)

  2. You go woman. Doing things out of the box!

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  4. Thanks Jamie! Stairs or just those baby-curves.... Hope it's the stairs so that it sticks around! lol