Friday, September 16, 2011

Aren't Fridays Grand?

(yep, I opted for the blank stare versus cheesy-smile-as-I-stand-in-my-bathroom-alone...which in this case translates into my "You better run and hide under the nearest large object before I take your lunch money, kid" face. Excellent.)

(hmm...wondering why Bump looks massive in this picture but almost invisible in the picture above. A lesson in camera angles? I think so!)
Necklace: FreshMetal, shirt: Old Navy, jeans: Target, shoes: Forever21.

Aren't Fridays the best part of the week? When I was little I blamed this on the TGIF lineup. You remember- Family Matters, Full House, Step By Step... it was wonderful. Not to forget that Friday meant the weekend was here! Then when I started working, Fridays were great because 1)they were casual Fridays where I taught and I could wear jeans and 2)it meant the weekend was here! Now, they still mean the weekend is here. Ain't it grand? :)

So happy Friday, all. Go grab a Pumpkin Spice Latte- WITH the whipped cream, of course- and wander aimlessly around Target with your family for an impromptu date. That's the Becker way. xoxo


  1. How is it that we live an entire country away from each other and have the EXACT same pair of Forever 21 nude colored oxfords?? haha I love you!

  2. Beck, because that's just how we do :) lol I would expect no less!
    Rach, maybe we can grab one tomorrow baby!!!!