Thursday, September 1, 2011

All I want to do is make pie....

After reading the previous post, you understand my excitement to make the pumpkin pies for Fall Day, throw them in the oven, and decorate for fall while they bake! Things don't always go as you plan, though. Need an example? Here is the series of events last night:

1. put ingredients for my pumpkin pie recipe (makes 2 pies) into blender. Blend.
2. reach down to get both pie pans and realize that only one is there. Either I let someone borrow the other one or it is strangely separated from it's partner due to moving and is hanging out in a box in our garage.
3. drive to the mini mart to see if they happen to have any disposable foil ones to get me by. They don't.
4. drive to Target. Get more than just a pie pan.
5. get home, put my crusts in the pie pan, and divide the pumpkin mixture into each pan. Begin ridiculous laughter. Realize that the recipe only, in fact, makes one pie.
6. gratefully realize it did me well to be missing a pie pan because i did my math wrong and accidentally put WAY too much pumpkin in the first run through the blender.
7. fix the proportions by putting only the remaining pumpkin needed for a second recipe along with normal portions of all other ingredients.
8. pour into pie pans, again splitting the blender between each one, and stir well using a fork so that all spices/pumpkin/etc are well-mixed in each shell.
9. finally put into oven. 1 hour later than I started.

(singing) "I get knocked down, but I get up again. You ain't never gonna keep me down..."

Boo-yah. The house is decorated for fall AND I have two pumpkin pies- one for us and one for Jerr to take to work in the morning. (I know they aren't as pretty as the pies some people are able to make but these TASTE great. And that's the point, is it not??) Lauren wins.

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  1. Haha. I'm impressed you got them in in an hour, considering the Target run and all.