Friday, September 30, 2011

Apple Cider

I grew up in Franklin County, Pennsylvania, and there are apple orchards a'plenty. The bonus: fresh, crisp apples signal Autumn's arrival in the most fabulous way. Fall means apples and apple cider. Bingham's Orchard makes the most amazing cider....I think I just drooled a little bit.

And that's one of the things I miss most, living first in California and now in Hawaii. You just don't come across fresh apple cider. And the cider you DO see is filled with preservatives and just doesn't taste the same. Not to mention the $7/gal price tag. HECK no.

So, one of my girlfriends sent me the recipe for homemade apple cider last week because she is from New York and understands the correlation between fall and cider. Well, I made it...and it was WONDERFUL! And while I was admittedly worried that she had created too much hype for it, setting the poor cider up for failure when it was unable to be THAT amazing, I am happy to say I was wrong!

It was great! The only changes I'll make next time will be to reduce the amount of cinnamon sticks to 3, slightly less of the allspice and nutmeg, and a smidge more water. It ended up being a little too "spiced" and we ended up watering it down to fully enjoy it. BUT those are easy changed and the bones of the recipe are great.

I've already got the apples in the fridge that I'll use for the next batch...I'm thinking tomorrow will be a good day to scent the house and enjoy fall again. Enjoy! xoxo

Apple cider

8 to 10 apple, quartered
4 cinnamon sticks
1/4 cup sugar
2tbs allspice
1tsp nutmeg

Place all ingredients in a pot and fill with just enough water to cover apples by two inches. Apples can still have peels and seeds. Boil for one hour uncovered, simmer for two covered. Allow to cool slightly, mash with a potato masher, and strain. I also squeezed the mixture through a cheesecloth as well.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

gotta be inspired

So I have two new ways to flex my muscles- feathers and flowers. For the hair. (ooooh. aaaaaaah.) I find that my collection of accessories grows while I'm pregnant because it's pretty pointless to spend my money on clothes. I have my few maternity things to last me but most of them are completely unexciting...tanks, cardigans, jeans, etc. It's now that I really start to bank on my accessory collection to be special and make me feel like some part of my outfit has pizazz. And since I watched my necklace collection blossom during my first pregnancy, it seems my hair jewelry is having its day in the sun. I blame this on another blog I like to read.

When Casey shows pictures of herself she always has her hair done up with the coolest headbands that seem to hold up a mess of hair that is so perfectly imperfect that it makes me jealous. So when she finally showed a side shot of her hair the other day, I saved it (stalker-like, aren't I?) and decided I would try for the same effect. Her hair seems to be slightly shorter than mine so I may have to to have to tweak it for myself a little bit, but I'm excited. It takes her typical tee-and-jeans outfit and makes them look much more unique. All because of a little headband! And is a haven for unique headbands that have more character than the Goody ones you can buy at Target. So to I went. And I bought two beauties:

Feather clip: NoMoreTwistHandmade, Headband: designsbyabbylynn

I'm not done working the headband. I kept the shots close up because I wasn't very pleased with the turnout but I had 10 minutes to get ready before teaching piano lessons this morning and I had to figure it out while telling a 14-month old that no, he in fact was NOT allowed to climb up the bathroom cabinets. Interesting. So this was just to get me by, but I'm expecting much better results tomorrow when I can take a glorious half hour during nap time to put the bangs down and try again. The feather clip with vintage button in the middle will be for a day when the hair is down and curled. I'm thinking it won't happen tomorrow but this weekend looks promising. Stay tuned for that. But I feel like it has great promise and will be the simplest of simple to rock.

I ordered these two things because I didn't have anything like them...because I have never done anything like this with my hair. It's my way of pushing myself outside the box, requiring my creativity to step it up a notch. It's the same pleasure I find in identifying a piece of clothing that is "in" for the season, feeling unsure as to whether I know how to actually make it work, and buying it because I am determined to wear it and wear it well. Anything I haven't done or don't know how to pull off I automatically have to have and try. It makes me flex my creative muscles. It pushes me outside my comfort box. It develops my sense of style more.

What are you scared to try? Or what have you finally mastered that you were previously intimidated by? What's stopping you?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

so i had a lovely morning

This morning Jerry had wrist surgery to get a cyst removed. Roman had his first sleepover so that we could wake up at 5am and go without throwing off a little boy's schedule. Aside from a few minor twinges of sadness at night between the time we dropped him off and the time we went to bed, Mama did pretty well. ;)

Once we had arrived at doctor's office, Jerr was taken back and I found myself with three and a half hours to kill. I can't remember the last time I had that much alone time with nothing to do!!! It was glorious. I found a great little coffee stand that is a little tiki bar at night but transforms into a coffee bar during the morning/daytime, ordered a large (half-caf) mocha, nestled into this really comfy couch with my feet propped up on the coffee table, and read a book. And I finished a book. Not the first since being a mom, by any means, but the first in a month or two. So while my darling husband was put under with some magical drugs-he was told it would make him feel like he had a few drinks but upon waking he informed me it was more like drinking the whole keg-I spent several hours in the perfectly-comfortable-but-not-too-warm-yet Hawaii morning, outside, with the local news playing in the background.

I don't need any more family members to have surgery but if someone needs a chauffeur to take a loved one for their surgery, you just let me know. I have just the book for it... xoxo

Today's outfit is not pictured because....well....there were no mirrors where I could use the reflection of myself that wouldn't cause concern from the general public and result in possible public arrest/personal mortification. But it was black leggings: Victoria's Secret, boots: Uggs, green "beater" tank: Old Navy, and black cowl neck sweatshirt: Target

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How To: Fill in Your Eyebrows

Yep, it's video time again ;) I know, you've been dying for more Lauren-face-time because the last video wasn't awkward enough. Well, don't you worry. Here I explain what I do when I fill in my eyebrows each morning. Come hang out with me for the next 4 minutes!

PS- I cannot get enough of this nail polish color!!! I blame my friend C. It's her fault.

It's Sally Hansen Instant Dry in Mint Sprint.

Monday, September 26, 2011

if you want to lay it down, be prepared to walk it out...

Blazer: WetSeal, Jeans: American Eagle, Tank: Old Navy Maternity, Necklace: H&M

For my whole life I have struggled hearing the sound of my own singing voice. I have never liked my voice. Ironic, since I am a choir teacher. Ha. But I'm learning that the area in which God has gifted you, with plans to use you for His purposes, is exactly the area that Satan tries to load us with as much baggage, scars, and fear as possible. So it makes sense, then, that I would have have moments I can't shake off and forget, and that I have been told hurtful things about my voice that would make me scared to use it.

But here's the thing- I believe God has called me to not only teach about the voice (which I still believe, at this point, I will be going back to the classroom someday to continue doing!), but to do spiritual battle through singing. I believe leading worship is/will be part of my calling. And I'm not sure exactly how that will pan out, but others have confirmed the calling I have felt on my heart so I'm not concerned about knowing the details right now.

If I believe God has called me to do that, then my response needs to be, "Okay, Lord." It's not up to me to decide if my voice is pretty enough or if I'm equipped enough or competent enough. It matters that I go where I'm being called and trusting that God will receive the credit for it. And lately, this is a battle I've had to face, and not for the first time. But that means facing some new scars that have showed up since the last time I've had to face this thing and duke it out.

So this past weekend, my church had a big conference and I was asked to sing for two different things- one session that was a demonstration on the different aspects of our Front Lines Ministry and the other was a special song on the closing night of the conference right after worship. Gulp. When asked, though, I said yes. Because if you are going to lay it down at God's feet and let Him have it- if you surrender it to Him to use for His glory- then you have to be prepared to walk it out. That's how faith grows. You can't pray for patience and get it if you don't have have to live through times that require patience. And I can't surrender my voice and wade through the baggage if I don't agree to sing. So I sang.

Here are the lyrics to the song:

"Unbreakable"- by Fireflight
Where are the people that accused me?
The ones who beat me down and bruised me
They hide just out of sight
Can't face me in the light
They'll return but I'll be stronger

God, I want to dream again
Take me where I've never been
I want to go there
This time I'm not scared
Now I am unbreakable, it's unmistakable
No one can touch me
Nothing can stop me

Sometimes it's hard to just keep going
But faith is moving without knowing
Can I trust what I can't see?
To reach my destiny
I want to take control but I know better


Forget the fear it's just a crutch
That tries to hold you back
And turn your dreams to dust
All you need to do is just trust

[Chorus x2]

Irony again, no? :)

But so much healing came from having to sing and declare those words during my practice at home, rehearsals with the band, and the performance Saturday night. I feel so much freer. So much more at peace. It's funny how your heart can change when you hear something enough times that you start to understand it and believe it.

As if that's not a story with a cool enough ending, the icing on the cake came when a friend who had caused one of the new scars approached me- not knowing anything of the hurt that had been caused because I had never mentioned it- and told me that God was telling them to speak to me about specific things regarding what had been said. It was such beautiful closure. Such a precious reward. God didn't owe me anything. I didn't need to have resolution on that because obedience is enough. And we don't always get closure to experiences or answers to the questions we ask- that's part of following by faith. But sometimes God loves on us. Because He's our Daddy and loves to see us smile, just like I love to make Roman smile when I give him something he really loves. Not because I need to but because I love him and I love seeing him happy.


What a cool weekend. :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Boots! Boots! Boots!

A girlfriend of mine is finding herself in a state with a cold fall/winter for the first time in her life so she emailed me with a blog topic idea: how to shop for boots. She said she's never owned a pair of boots other than Uggs, so she needs to know- what's in style but not super trendy, what color to get for her first pair, and slouchy or not? So I'm going to live vicariously through her, ridiculously jealous of the cold winter she's about to enjoy[suffer?], and answer these questions with what I would do if it were me shopping for my first pair of boots ever!

What's in style but not super trendy?
Think classic- I would recommend going with a flat boot that is equestrian-inspired. (this will make her happy because she's a horse rider- but even if she weren't, my recommendation would remain the same.) Go with a round toe, simple, clean details, and a classic length. Meaning, a few inches below the knee is perfect. Knee boots and cropped/ankle boots are currently in style but they won't always be.

What color to get?
If you're buying two pairs of boots you can, of course, buy black and brown. BUT if you're looking to only purchase one pair to start, I'd suggest a light brown pair. A dark brown pair will make it hard to wear them with black- not saying it's impossible to wear black and dark brown. Just saying it takes a little bit of skill to make others sure you didn't do it by accident. And the same with black when you want to wear it with browns. But if you buy a light brown pair, it works easily with either blacks or browns and every color in between.

Slouchy or not?
I'd say no, not if you only have one pair. And also because my girlfriend isn't an overly-tall gal. When choosing and outfit, the goal is always to lengthen the silhouette, and slouchy boots don't do that. However, if you're averagely-tall or tall, and already have several pairs of basic boots already but find yourself craving something new, slouchy is a great way to do that. Otherwise I'd say there are better choices for you.

Example of the boots I'd buy that fit these criteria (going NO darker brown than this):

1)Make sure you own a pair of skinny jeans for your boots. Bootcut jeans just don't look nice tucked into a pair of boots. (though you can wear them under jeans with wider legs) Leggings are great, too. You can wear skirts with boots (and nice, thick tights to stay warm!) but make sure they're either longer than the top of the boot or that they give you a few inches between where the skirt stops and the top of the boot. You don't want a 1" gap because it will make your legs looks shorter than they are.
2)I'm always a believer that you spend good money on timeless items, making sure they're of great fit and quality. That way you only have to buy them once, which saves you money in the long run. Boots are one of the biggest examples of this mindset. You can spend as little as $40/pair at Payless or as much as $1,000+ at Nordstrom. For most people, I would recommend preparing to spend $100-200 on a good pair of real leather boots in a classic style. Yes, to most that's a lot of money for a pair of shoes. But remember, a boot has a lot more leather/material to it than regular shoes do. And if they're real leather, age will make them even better. Otherwise you start to see fraying, soles fall off, etc. Trust me. And boots can be worn fall through spring. So you've got most of the year that you can enjoy them. You might as well spend the money on a great pair of boots that make you smile every time you put them on and are more faithful to you than a Labrador Retriever.

An outfit I'd wear this fall/winter season:

**playing with colors and making unexpected combinations is very "in" right now more than ever. So don't go too safe- start playing! If yellow/green/blue is too crazy for you, just take one step beyond where you're currently comfortable. If you're at home wearing either black or brown plus one color, try adding another color to the mix but grounding and making it "safer" with a black necklace- like black pants with a green top and a yellow or blue scarf.) If you're already comfortable there, try swapping out the black or brown pants for a dark shade of another color- instead of black pants with a green shirt and blue scarf, try the green shirt and a dark royal blue pair of pants.

**And for ideas of what colors to mix together, I look to two places 1)the color wheel. Google "color wheel" and you can easily combine colors that are side-by-side (ex. my love of blue and green together) or directly across the wheel from each other. (ex. green and purple!) 2)nature. God is a pretty great artist. So if a fish can be blue and green, so can you. And if coral can be bright orangey-red in a sea of deep blue, those colors will look great together on you, too!

Friday, September 23, 2011

So, We Walked...

Last night we walked in "Light the Night" with the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society. Jerry had a really good friend that he'd been close to since middle school, named Josh, and they played every day after school- basketball, football, whatever. After Jerr enlisted and was stationed in Cali, Josh lost his battle with Leukemia. So last night, we walked in memory of Josh. Hence the gold balloon.

Gold was in remembrance of, white marked survivors, and red was for anyone else who was walking. We waited until dark because every balloon had a little gizmo attached that lit it and the effect was, I'm sure, quite impressive to those who passed us. It was a short walk, only two miles, but it was the first walk I've ever participated in.

I'd like to do more like this. And I loved that Roman was on the walk, too- our whole family was walking. I want to raise our kids so that they think loving on the world around them is normal and just what you do.

Thanks to all who sponsored Jerry and I! We each met our goal of $100 and it felt really good to do something for others. Can't wait to find our next opportunity. xoxo

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pool Days and Self-Created Holidays

Dress: Forever21, Hair Feather: random kiosk in the Navy Exchange

I love the days when Jerry gets off work earlier than expected. Yesterday he was home for the day at 1pm!!!! Woot!!!!

So we took Ro to the pool- what a fish we have!!!! If you hold him under his belly he kicks his legs and uses his arms to splash, with the world's biggest grin on his face the entire time!!!! He loves being dunked completely under water, which makes use of the phrase "hold your breath" that we taught him during bath time to rinse the shampoo out of his hair since he was itty bitty. And he asks "Down?" during the entire time. As if I'm going to let go of him and let him cruise the pool by himself!

I'm pretty sure he's going to kill me with his sense of adventure before I have a chance to become old and gray! But this is exactly the reason I love raising him. I love his unabashed sense of adventure, his love of life, and his adoration of water that is so great he still refuses to go inside even when his lips are blue and he's shivering.

What a guy :)

After said guy went to bed, we had two of our dearest friends over for the second self-proclaimed holiday this month: Modern Family Season Premier Night!!!!!!!!! Oh, it was a good night. Welcome back, Modern Family. I have missed you so.

Don't you love when days that appear normal at the start become something memorable? xoxo

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

You Won't Know Until You Try...

For years now I've dreamed of being a stylist. Not like Rachel Zoe, who styles the elite of Hollywood (though I'll admit even that looks fun!), but for real people who are living life. Especially for women. I have such a desire for each woman to understand her beauty and to walk around confident in that beauty. I don't believe there is a body or a face that is less than stunning. I do believe, however, that there are a lot of women who don't know what their personal style is let alone how to dress with it, or know how to dress the body they've been given.

I really, really think that what you believe about yourself to be true directly affects your ability to live up to your full potential. And for whatever reason that it is, I believe the way you feel about your personal appearance strongly affects how you feel about yourself. If those two statements are true, then the way you feel about your personal appearance directly affects your ability to live up to your full potential. Sound shallow? I hope not. I think it's reality. If you walk around feeling like you look horrible, you walk with your head low believe that you aren't worthy of the attention of others. If you don't believe yourself to be worthy of the attention of others, how will you make ripples and affect this world?

Anyway, because of this passion in my heart, I have wanted to be a stylist. I want to help people shop. I want to teach them about what looks good on their bodies. (Who cares if you hate your thighs/waist/height/legs/etc- there are ways to make your best features stand out and your least favorite features blend in so that your attributes get the attention and you feel pretty.) And lately...over the past 4 years even...there have been enough things coming together that I feel like I'm really supposed to give this a shot. And so I bought the web domain of my blog.

And I'm trying my hand at fashion blogging along with all the normal stuff I did before to see if people want to hear what I have to say. And I created the vision, packages/prices, and set up examples. (Check out the new tabs on the top of my blog to read these!)

My goal is to keep it reasonable. I know $100 sounds like a lot for a style board plus 3 hours shopping when you have to have money to buy the new clothes, but it's a great gift for a husband to give a wife for Christmas, birthday, "push present," "Congratulations you're pregnant," etc. And if you don't know how to dress your body, $100 can equip you with the knowledge to change the way you feel about yourself, your look, and enable you to do it on your own after that. Maybe that makes it reasonable?

Anyway, I'm marketing it around here but made it available online, too. Because a Style Board can be emailed, even if I live too far away to personally shop with you. And because I'm hoping those who pick up my business card in Hawaii locations will come here to check it out. So here we go... I'm giving it a try. The worst that can happen is nothing at all. The best that can happen is that I get to live out a desire in my heart. :)

So check it out- look at my past work and all the other different tabs. And leave your feedback. I'd love to know what you think. xoxo

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Join My Team

Thursday night I'm participating in my first walk for a cause. Jerry, Roman, and I are doing the "Light the Night" walk for the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society and since this is my first time walking for something, I set a goal to get $100 in sponsors. I'm currently at $87.00- don't you want to help me reach that goal? Not only would I get a sweet t-shirt for the walk, you could help a good cause. Hand over those pennies, eat in tomorrow and put the fancy dinner money toward fighting Lymphoma and Leukemia. Join my team. You can sponsor me here.


Roman is the most perfect son for me. I love him. And laughter is always a ready response. There are a few things lately that have made me fully appreciate this little boy:

While we were skyping with Aunt Lindsay the other day, he was pulling memo notes off of the note pad and spreading them around the floor . So I took one and stuck it to his forehead. Then I just sat back and enjoyed the show. IT WAS AWESOME. He was looking all around trying to see what was going on. It was the equivalent to the old prank where you tell someone to try to bite their ear- you know exactly what I mean so don't try to pretend you've never done it, Fancy Pants. For the record, I was not the only one who laughed that day.

I have always warned people that "I'm a musician and not an athlete." This translates in real life to throwing a ball to Roman so he can bounce it back to me and ACCIDENTALLY smacking him in face with my throws- on a regular basis. He doesn't cry. He never tells me that I'm a horrible thrower and ground me from ever playing ball with him. He laughs and we keep on bouncing. It may be the reason why he has started running in the opposite direction with squinted eyes when I throw lately, though.... I'm not kidding.

Today we were playing outside when he saw two pillars close together at the end of our building. Roman thought it would be a fun experiment to squeeze between the two pillars...only he couldn't. He made it until he got to his ribs, and then he was good and stuck. At that point there was no more squeezing through to be had. Picture half of his body out one side and his feet waving in the air from the other. I was dying. (Yes, instead of helping my son. Don't judge me.) The best part was, he was laughing just as hard! He alternated between whining for help and laughing because it was an awesome predicament. Calm down, I helped him out. Eventually.

(See, at least I didn't take pictures of him when he was stuck. We'll pretend that's not only because I didn't have my camera on me at the time.)

Oh, and also, he thinks my dancing is cool. If you've ever seen my dancing you will vouch for me- that's all I need to say.

Yep, he's perfect. A lesser kid wouldn't have a chance. ;)

The Mixing of Prints: A How-To

One of the biggest fashion trends right now is mixing patterns, but it is rarely done outside of the runway and Hollywood. I wonder, though, if it's because we "normal folk" don't know how to do it. And so we don't. And for some, it's just not their style. But if you've ever liked the idea of mixing patterns and prints but haven't done it because you don't know how, here are some tips. It's so simple that really, there are only two:

1. Pick prints with the same colors.
2. Pick prints that are of the same size/scale. Big with big and small with small.

Here is an outfit that I styled during a photo shoot a few years ago that mixes patterns of green and purple. (All pieces are from H&M)

And for good measure, throw in an accessory that adds yet another dimension.

Mixing patterns isn't for everyone. It requires more confidence to pull off than some feel they have, worrying that they'll walk around looking like they are participating in their high school "Clash Day" activities instead of making a fashion statement. But for those of us who like to GO without exactly matching, this is perfect.

And I might add that even if you don't like to dress like this, it's a GREAT tool to use when decorating your house. I'm learning that interior decorating and creating outfits are basically the same thing. So even doing something small like making the pillows on your couch different- maybe one a stripe and one a floral but the same colors- it makes quite a statement and looks more personal. Catalog looks are nice, but they are impersonal. Life seems so much more fun when your house and your outfit have glimpses of you and who you are, dontcha think?

I think my next two blog posts will get into two more ways to "GO without matching." One involves creativity when picking colors to wear together and the other involves playing with shades of color. So ya'll come back now, ya hear? :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy Birth-Day!!!

Happy Birth-Day, dear blog!!

To the observant reader, you see the title has changed and so has the website: we are now proud domain owners! We are a "dot com" website!!!! Changes are afoot and possibilities are on the horizon, but for now we're wishing our little blog its own happy Being-Born-Day. :)

Last night I was reading "Where the Sidewalk Ends" to Roman during his bath time and came across one of my favorite childhood poems that I had forgotten about. It is so fitting for where we are and where we may be headed. Oh, Shel, I forgot how awesome you are.


Listen to the MUSTN'TS, child,
Listen to the DON'TS
Listen to the SHOULDN'TS
Listen to the NEVER HAVES
Then listen close to me-
Anything can happen, child.
ANYTHING can be.

The Secret to Style

Having style doesn't necessarily mean having the right things, it's knowing how to wear the things. It's knowing how to wear the things in a way that's all your own. I'll show you what I mean.

This morning I started with something basic- jean shorts and a striped shirt.

This outfit could be styled many different ways, depending on your style. I picked the shoes that I thought fit the vibe, I wanted to wear those shorts, and this shirt is one I haven't worn in the past week or two so it was nice to mix it up. (My make-up does not change between these pictures and the next set.)

Since there was nothing personal about the outfit I needed to do something to make it personal and "Lauren." So I decided to pull my hair back with a headband since one of the blogs I've been reading lately has been inspiring me with some new ways to wear my hair. After that, I needed a piece of jewelry to add a pop of something- everything still felt too plain. Too "catalog." Enter feather earrings. Ah, much better. :)

Shorts: American Eagle, Shirt: JCrew, Headband: Target, Shoes: Navy Exchange, Earrings: Ezer Kenegdo Jewelry

The combination of the two made my shoes feel off, so I decided to change them out to go along with the new vibe.

I have learned that as you personalize an outfit, they each come along and speak to you differently. They even tend to affect my attitude. Some days I'm demure, some days I'm a spitfire, other days I'm relaxed and the next I'm sassy. It raises its own "chicken and the egg" question, of sorts: Which came first, the clothing or the attitude?

The thing that makes the second set of pictures different lies in the added details. (Now you see the need for special accessories.) It's not about whether you would wear it that way yourself or not, because some may but others wouldn't. It's not even about whether others LIKE it or not. It's my style. And that's what having style is all about.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sometimes You Gotta March Alone

Earrings: ancient, Shirt: Forever21, Skirt: Target, Shoes: Forever21

Sometimes I decide to march to my own beat in spite of how it may look to bystanders. Today was one of those days. No matter how silly I may have appeared, I was that crazy preggo who chose to walk up the two flights of stairs (that was open and able to be viewed by all in the building) while wearing a tight skirt and gladiator platform heels. With the escalator running only a few feet away.

Eh, forget about 'em. My calves were burning, which means I exercised today. Now I can enjoy guilt-free football games with Jerr from my comfy couch while Ro naps.


Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Cream Pot

Shirt:Target, Jeans: American Eagle, Shoes: Old Navy, Bracelet: Urban Outfitters, Earrings: H&M, Purse: gift from hubby

Today I went to The Cream Pot with my friend Rachel. It's this chic little French breakfast place in downtown Waikiki that I have been wanting to go to ever since we moved here over two and a half years ago. Holy MOLEY, I should have gone sooner!!! I'll give you three good reasons why.

Reason #1- blueberry crepes with a red wine reduction and fresh whipped cream

Reason #2- banana waffles with a salted caramel sauce and fresh whipped cream

Reason #3- souffle pancakes with fresh strawberries and fresh whipped cream

But don't you worry, we done did some serious eating!

Yep, I'm going to have go to back. Everything on their quaint menu must be tried. Belly must be full. Cravings must be satisfied. :) If only all days could start off like this...