Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tomorrow is September 1st


Every year I make special plans for September 1st and these plans have become more precious to me during my years here in Hawaii. Because we don't have a climate change to usher in the fall season, I set aside the day for very special things. I bring out my leftover pumpkin keurig coffee cups, put in the Scentsy pumpkin wax, throw two pumpkin pies in the oven, and decorate the entire house for fall. Not to mention the fact that Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Lattes are out next week, Glade's Pumpkin room sprays/candles are out, Scentsy's September Scent-of-the-month is Pumpkin Marshmallow...AHHH! This may be my favorite day of the year.

Well, maybe second favorite- I really love Christmas. Oh wait, third favorite- Valentine's Day is so special, with it's fancy dinner on china plates and special secret gifts between Jerry and I, topping it off with slow dancing by candle light. AND there's the 4th of July...but I don't know, I think "Fall Day" beats the 4th of July. Independence Day's claim to fame is those fancy fireworks and the red, white, and blue theme everywhere, plus I love the way it makes me feel all patriotic and proud inside buuuuuuuut......Fall Day. I've made my official decision. Fall Day is hereby declared as the "Third-Best Day of the Year" in Lauren Land! ;)

Just between you and me, though, I'm going to start a little early this year. Out of necessity but of course readily embraced! I have a busy day planned for tomorrow and tonight once Roman is asleep, Jerry wants to study for a promotion test at work that he takes tomorrow. So I'm using the time to decorate without a toddler underfoot when I can take my time and think it through. Decorating is a creative process! Plus I want to have the pumpkin pies made tonight so that Jerr can take one in to work with him tomorrow so that I can spread the fall cheer to his co-workers. He has off work on Friday, so the pie has to be ready to go tomorrow! So sad. How will I ever come to terms with smelling baking pumpkin pies today? Torture.

...All this talk of pumpkin pie is making my mouth water. I may just have to break down and have a cup of pumpkin coffee while I decorate.

No, Lauren. Be strong.

Don't give in.

You're tough.

Don't let the pumpkin-osity win.

Show it who is boss.


Gotta go!


  1. You and I both, sister. September 1st holds HUGE nostalgia for me. Growing up (up until I was 10) it wasn't only the first day of school, but considered first day of Fall. It was glorious. I remember getting up in the morning to get my crisp uniform on (with white starched apron!) and having to put on a light cardigan becaue, MAGICALLY, the weather was cooler on September 1st.

    I don't have any Fall decor or candles (maybe a wreath up in the attic...) SOOOOOOO can I come over tomorrow to enjoy the pumpkin pie and decor with you? For real, I just invited myself over. If you have plans already then I'll just open up a can of pumpking puree and eat it with a spoon :-)

  2. Daniella, what IS it about September 1 that magically feels cooler?? Not so much here, but on the East Coast I felt it too! Just something magical attached to fall, I think. Thanks for sharing your memories. They made me smile. :) (ps, i love that you wore an apron to school!!)

    I LOVE that you know you can invite yourself over ANY DAY. :) I love our hang out times! Tomorrow, actually, is packed really full- so full I had to do my decorating tonight on the eve of Fall Day because I won't have time to get to it tomorrow. :( BUT how about we set up a hang time for next week? I'm thinking Tuesday?? Or Thursday is free as long as we split up in time for me to start my string of piano lessons at 3:30. Text me and let me know if one of those days work for you! I am SO looking forward to hanging out- and don't worry, I'll make us a fresh pumpkin pie to celebrate with. :) Love you!