Monday, August 1, 2011

Roman's 1st Birthday Party

There are many more pictures on facebook of Roman's birthday party we had this past Saturday, but I can narrate better (aka- blab on and on) via blog. :) Plus, there are some things that worked beautifully and I want to write them here so I can look back for Liam's 1st birthday and do things the same way.

Note to self: we forgot to sing "Happy Birthday" to Roman!!!! lol (just realizing this as I write) Make sure to do this, and to use the #1 you bought for the birthday cake, next time!

I never imagined a birthday party could be this stress-free, this easy, or this FUN! I owe our friends M and R, along with M's hubby, for the lack of stress and hardship. When you have friends helping to set up and tear down, it's pretty simple. Not to mention when said friends are also making the cupcakes, deviled eggs, egg salad, and pasta salad, you only have to buy the meat/buns/toppings and a big watermelon and you're done!

The party was outside from 3-5pm. Both of those worked perfectly for us. It didn't need to be any longer but we used all the time we had, and having it outside meant I had no stress about how my house looked or what kids were doing in my house, and I got to come in to a tidy house even after hosting a 42-person party. Beautiful.

Order of events
2:50: bounce house set up for the adults to, safety check. We couldn't allow kids to get hurt. You understand.
3-4: grill/eat
4: have each kid(s) who brought Roman a gift open it for him. This was amazing and we'll do it again for every one of the 1st birthday parties we throw for our children.
4:30: bring out cupcakes and let Roman experience his first (sugar-free, all natural!) birthday cake (my friend R suggested doing the cake last in case Roman got messy. This way the guests wouldn't have to wait on us to get him cleaned up for the gift opening part.) Again, the order of things worked really well and we will do things this way again- thanks for the great advice, R!
3:30-5: bounce house open for the enjoyment of kids everywhere!!!
5pm: adults take over bounce house once again now that the kids all went home!

We are so grateful to our friends who came out to celebrate with us. We have a group of friends so much like family that the day felt full and happy in spite of being blood-relative-free. We are so blessed. I can't wait to show Roman these pictures when he's older and tell him how loved he was, even from the beginning of his life. Thank you all for the role you play in raising our son. It truly takes a village to raise a child. xoxo

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