Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Problem with Casseroles Is....

...absolutely NOTHING.

I love a good casserole. They taste so good EVEN IF they include ingredients you don't usually like on their own. Like peas. They usually include every food group so you don't have to think about what sides to serve with it. And for no-food-touchers, like me, you eliminate the stress of perfectly separating each food on your plate (Or plate and bowl. Or plate and smaller plate and bowl. Yes, I'm being serious.) so that juices do not touch gravies do not touch meats or veggies.

So this is my ode to casseroles.

One of which will find its way into my oven in about an hour.

Which I will then eat.

And rub my tummy with joy and give a sigh that expresses all is right in my world.


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