Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Digs

We JOYFULLY handed in our keys to the old house yesterday, after passing our final house inspection. Because we did it ourselves, we saved $245.00. Go Becker power! After our experience trying to clean with a toddler under foot, however, we have decided to make sure we have budgeted to pay the cleaning fee when we leave Hawaii and not have to do all the work. Sometimes it's just worth paying to have it done, if you can afford it. We couldn't right now; hence, the required elbow grease. But done and done.

I mentioned trying to clean with a toddler around. It turns out I hugely underestimated how much longer this would cause every task to take!!!! When cleaning the old house, one of us had to entertain Roman so that he would be safely away from the chemicals and situations that could hurt him. So instead of 4(ish) hours of double-timing the cleaning, it took us parts of 3 days. We have to work around nap schedules for decorating the new house because we can't be drilling in holes to hang the television when dude man is sleeping. And I can't work at unpacking boxes all day while Jerr is at work because my little love machine deserves for life to continue as usual- ie. playing with Mama, exploring the world, on-schedule nap times, and set meal times. So the only "moving in" that gets done is after he's asleep or once Jerry comes home from work, when one of us can hang with Ro while the other does something. And let's be real- lately that means Jerry doing the work because he's a man and the most pressing tasks at hand are hanging televisions/curtains/pictures and not perfectly decorating the little nooks and crannies. YET. And since he has magical powers of hanging things that I don't naturally have, the workload falls to him. Yes, I've honed in on my skills in the power tools department when necessary during deployments that took him away,but I have since traded that set of skills in exchange for my "mad" mothering abilities. It's his "area." And he feels manly pride for doing it. So he can go ahead and hang those curtain rods for me. My, just look at those bulging muscles go to town! ;)

All of this is good and natural and expected. But the "get it done" woman inside me is screaming and shaking the bars that are keeping her captive. I am going CRAZY not being able to do things that used to take me a quarter of the time to do.

All of this is exacerbated by the natural "nester" that I have found myself to be. I'm like a little bird, in that way. I cannot tolerate a "nest" that isn't completely settled and decorated perfectly for my family. I love to fluff and preen and collect just the right little feathers to stick between the twigs that will hold my babies and welcome my papa bird home each night.

But I will look at this as an opportunity to learn and grow. Right? One that teaches me patience. Grace. Flexibility. Ah, learning experiences.

Sometimes I think that's just a term given for frustrating situations that kind of suck a little bit!!! ;)

Oh, and I want to say pictures are "coming soon." But after reading this post, you should know better, even if I don't. You'll see pictures in about 5 years when I finally get everything settled.


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  1. I'm with ya...I can barely hang up a picture (and that's why they're all still in a pile 5 months after moving in). Also, I think our nesting tendencies are starting to kick in, so that makes it extra hard for you, I imagine. Can't wait to see the new place! Playdate, sometime? I'll bring lunch!