Saturday, August 13, 2011

It's Hard

It's hard to be a career woman who has temporarily become a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) for a few years to raise her children until they're in school. Sometimes I feel discounted for the experience I have. I taught for four years and have spent more time in that profession, with that identity, than I have in the profession of motherhood. Yet I find myself involved in conversations of catch-up at home sometimes feeling as though I am no longer considered to be a teacher. It makes me sad to hear comments about education directed to those who are currently teaching, and not also being included. I still care. I still consider myself a teacher. And I plan on going back. I plan on getting my Masters Degree. In my eyes, this incredible opportunity to raise my children personally is a season. Not a permanent change.

Now, I don't believe I have a single friend or family member who purposely discounts my experiences or excludes me from conversation topics. It's just how conversation works- you talk to a baker about baking, a businessman about business, a teacher about teaching, and a mom about mom-ing. And I never would have considered how it would feel to change careers and "give up" an identity that you used to hold dear to you. I think that is a good byproduct for this season of my life- I am now aware of how it feels to change a career. Any career.

Sometimes, too, I feel like I need to hold up my hands and say, "Wait! 1)I do not think more highly of myself and lesser of a working mom because they are doing what they have to do to pay bills." Or even if they're working because that's what they'd rather do than stay at home! 2)"We are not rich- in fact, money is really tight because we're living on one income." 3)Or explain that "I can still hold an adult conversation with a mind that is informed." I still know what is going on in politics, world news, US business, etc. even though I can now converse about scheduling, dirty diapers, and the best way to erase the pain during teething.

I'm still me. I am still a woman who is a teacher. I didn't magically lose the 4 years of experience I gained teaching. And I understand how completely BLESSED I am to be able to stay home and teach Roman. See, I'm still a teacher. It's just that my pupils have changed. I have switched from teaching music to jr/sr high schoolers to teaching life/manners/colors/etc to a 1-year old.

Sometimes it's hard to experience a career change. It makes me wonder if my dad misses talking about farming. I'll bet he misses conversations that make him feel respected for the knowledge he has on the subject. I'm also willing to bet he'd still love to talk about it. He probably still knows all there is to know. :)


  1. Definitely a change! I don't think I have lost being a therapist; I've just also added being a mom!

  2. Yeah I still consider myself to be a teacher too- that's why I miss being included as one :)