Saturday, August 13, 2011

I Married a Man Who... (Aug edition)

After my first "I Married a Man Who" post, my friend commented that I should make it a monthly post. And I loved the idea. So if I remember to do it, there will be an "IMaMW" entry each month.

So for the August edition, I married a man who:
-pays such attention to my needs that he is one step ahead (ex. when doing the dishes, I wash and Jerr dries. As soon as I let the water out and rinse down the sink, he is standing beside me with the dishtowel ready so that I can dry my hands.)
-sends me a sweet, "Good Morning" text every day before he goes into the office so that I have a wake-up message from him to start my day.
-is willing to put in the effort to maintain me. When he can tell there is something bothering me, he doesn't pretend that all is well and ignore it until I finally crack and bring it up. He will ask me what's going on at the first sign of tension he notices in my voice. It makes me feel pursued.
-hears that I went to Hobby Lobby during my visit home, and upon hearing "the damage" spent, he says "I'm okay with that!" because he loves a well-decorated home as much as I do. And he knows that a homey abode is important to my overall happiness in life. I'm a natural nester and now a stay-at-home-mama.
-tells me I'm his best friend and doesn't think life is as fun without me when I'm gone. :) It's nice to be LIKED by your husband. (you know what I always love them but you don't always LIKE them!)

I miss him :) See you in two days, Jerr. xoxo

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