Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Creativity Strikes

While visiting my parents this past week, I made my annual pilgrimage to Hobby Lobby. If you haven't heard of the amazingness of this store, it's a glorious home decorating store with ridiculously affordable prices. (I just discovered TODAY that you can order online, too! So if you don't have one in your area, check it out. Fall decorations are incredible right now.)

I save up for this trip and go crazy every year, always bringing an extra suitcase with me for my discoveries. This time I grabbed a few more things for fall, (because I add to my collection every year to make it cheaper than buying the amount of decor items I'd like to have all at once) and all the decorating things I need for Liam's room. I couldn't have done it cheaper or better anywhere else. :)
I made two trips there, the first with my mom and sister, and the second with one of my very best friends, M.

I showed M an amazing bolt of fabric that I had become smitten with after my sister pointed it out during the first trip. "Oh, man, M...I LOVE this fabric and wish I was crafty enough to make it into something to put in my house."

I was talking to the crafting goddess, however, and she replied, "Lauren, you can. Make it a table runner. Get some hem tape that adheres when you use an iron to apply heat, cut the fabric, fold under all the edges with the hem tape, and make it in 5 minutes."

And so we did. :) Two runners for a total of $17 in fabric and $2 in hem tape.

(Forgive the stark white walls sans picture...we're getting ready to move tomorrow. Proof of fabulosity? The runners still look amazing!)

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  1. Unfortunately, 5 minutes in my excited crafty mind is more like an hour, but seriously, same diff.

    And you're welcome to use my real name anytime on this here bloggity blog.

    AAAAAAnd, I'm so happy we could do something crafty together. That, to me, is the highest form of intimacy, LOL!