Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Allowed to Fail Spectacularly

I'm doing a book study, "The Ministry of Motherhood" by Sally Clarkson, with some girlfriends on Tuesdays and this morning's reading rocked my world. I thought I'd share. :)

(See, who wouldn't want to settle in on a couch with comfy pillows/blanket, a sleeping puppy, and a cup of homemade Caramel Macchiato)

Chapter title: The Gift of Grace
p. 27
"Peter was a strong, active man. He was used to making decisions, being dependable.(btw, I find myself relating to Peter SO MUCH in scripture. Rash, passionate, and a good heart that sometimes runs ahead of itself into disaster or foolish choices!) It was natural for him to assume that by his great effort he would "help" the Lord get his message to the world. Yet Jesus, knowing the need of Peter's heart, allowed him to find out differently. He allowed Peter to fail spectacularly so he would finally understand that grace was the key to serving God and His kingdom. Not by his own strength and courage, but only by God's constant grace and mercy would Peter be able to deliver Jesus' message to the world- a message that would then be wrapped in the grace and mercy he had come to know so well."

Mercy and grace are two of God's qualities I find so hard to accept toward myself. Thank you Lord, for those teachable moments that are blaring-ly obviously right now and I see that You allowed me to fail spectacularly to understand You that I can have grace and mercy for others and for myself.

[mimicking my best radio announcer voice]

"And this is Lauren Becker, with your daily thought to ponder, signing off." ;)

(One last look at the canine who is trying to undermine my efforts of being productive. Ms. Tricky McTrickerson over here, trying to woo me with promises of warm puppy body and blissful sleep....Rude.)


  1. HELLO! My name is Miranda and I'm also in the bible study at Carmen's house! I just wanted to introduce myself! I love your thoughts on the lesson today :-)

  2. Hey Miranda! Glad you found me on facebook and thanks for reading this post! :) Can't wait to meet you at our next meeting. xoxo