Friday, July 22, 2011

Talk [with] the Hand...

I never knew how I felt about babies learning sign language. It made total sense that they would be less frustrated if they were able to communicate before they were able to use their mouths to speak, but what if it delayed speech because they didn't need to speak to talk? And round and round my mind went.

But a friend of mine let us borrow the first two dvd's of Baby Signing Time and we tried them out. THEY ROCK. I must, must buy the whole when I win the lottery and can afford to buy all 30 (or something) of them, I'll be a happy camper.

Roman can sign "more," "all done," and "eat." The boy can even make a valiant attempt at "drink" and "juice," though they come out too close to "eat" to differentiate. It hasn't stopped him from speaking, though. Question answered.

In fact, Roman started speaking before signing. He started talking at 11 months and the words "kitty," "doggie," "dirty," "thank you," "bless you," and "yes" are awesome to hear. And after he learned those words, he decided to really start paying attention to the signs I was using- especially at meal time. The way to a man's heart (and attention) is through his stomach, even as a toddler!

And today, for the first time, he put two signs together: "eat" + "more."

Yes, smart boy, you may have more to eat. :) Next up, "please" and "thank you."

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  1. I was privileged to grow up around people who used sign to communicate and my stepmom is also an interpreter. I used my skills in signing with my first job, working with children diagnosed with Autism. After that, I used it to communicate with Dylan before his words were there... And now Jake too. Signing is a wonderful tool to allow you and the children to be on the same page while they are still unable to communicate efficiently :).