Monday, July 4, 2011

I Married A Man Who...

I married a man who...

-doesn't have a bad word to say about the Navy, even when he finds out that the day off work he thought he had is no longer off or has watch after work and has to put in a 14 hour work day.
-will spend a Sunday night playing Monopoly, even though he hates it, and watching Disney movies while drinking non-alcoholic wine...and will swear afterward that he had a blast hanging out with me.
-will tell me that he is getting up with Roman on Saturday mornings so that I can sleep in, even though that means he never gets a day of the week to sleep in.
-spends hours a day PLAYING with our son. like, not just existing in the same room as Roman, but actively playing and interacting with him.
-brews his coffee outside on the lanai because the smell makes me nauseous right now.
-walks by at pats me on the bum when I'm doing something, just to let me know that I'm his gal and he thinks I'm a sexy-pants.
-has been my husband for almost 4 years and has helped me wash dishes after dinner (or sometimes banishes me to relax on the couch while he does them!) EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. Without fail.
-still gets me flowers for no reason. And not the pre-made bouquets, but he actually picks each flower individually from the fridge.
-makes sure we do devotions together when we climb in bed every night.
-has great taste in clothes and music.
-goes to see why Roman is strangely awake right when we sit down to dinner- even though HE has a headache because he's so hungry. the reason I have to stay and get started eating? "I don't want your food to get cold."
-is my best friend, my lover, my safety, and my correction-speaker all wrapped up into one package.

I married the best one.


  1. I think you should make this a monthly post... And I might steal this idea :)

  2. 1) it should TOTALLY be a monthly post!!!!!
    2) you can and totally SHOULD steal this!!
    3) miss you :)