Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dear Roman...

Dear Roman,

I had no idea how you would change my life. I didn't expect you to be this cool, or that would find being your mommy to be this fun. I had no concept of this amazing love I would have for you. It's unlike any way I have ever loved anyone else. I remember holding you when you were 3 days old and just crying and holding you tight because I realized in that moment that I loved you more than I knew how to feel. And the only way I could process that kind of crazy love was by sobbing.

You have a contagious laugh and already a killer sense of humor and timing. It makes me laugh even harder when you fake laugh just because you hear someone else laughing. I love that you are quick to laugh and slow to become angry. I admire you already for the way you are able to stick with something until you make it work, never getting frustrated and giving up. I want to encourage you in that quality throughout your life. I think it's special, the way you seem to captivate anyone around you. You have an extraordinary gift with people and I can't wait to see how that translates to the job you choose and the mountains you climb. I love your calm spirit and content heart. And when you stop playing to come give me a tight hug around my neck, only to go back to playing, it makes my day. You are so thoughtful already. And maybe most of all, I love the reckless way you love life- things, people, animals. You use your entire face and whole body to love whatever you are loving and I hope, precious son, that you run after Jesus like that.

Thank you for teaching me about the love God has for me. I still can't believe God calls me His daughter, like I call you my son, and that His love is even greater than the love I have for you. Lord, I am humbled by that. Help me to love this boy in a way that let's him be free to chase after You. In a way that encourages him to fulfill his purpose here. Oh God...thank you for Roman. Thank you. Thank you.

Roman, my world-shaker, I love you. There is a huge calling on your life and I can't wait to watch you as you walk in it. Press in tight and know your Daddy God so that you can be a sweet aroma to Him. Live in such a way that others know God better because of watching you and the way you live life. And your daddy and I will do our best to raise you up in such a way that equips you for that calling. Without fears. Without baggage. And your job is to run the Race hard and finish well.

Roman, my love, happy 1st birthday.


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