Monday, June 27, 2011

June Happenings

I always start writing posts with the knowledge of content...right now, not so much. I just know that it's been a while since I've posted and feel like I need something to say to let you know the Beckers are alive and well. So let's take a little trip called "recap of life these days since the last post; basically, the month of June!" Please keep all hands and arms inside the car....

The first week of June we celebrated Jerry's birthday- June 9th. So to celebrate...we did nothing. LAUREN Becker loves to make a big deal out of birthdays and make sure everyone knows that a birthday is taking place! I want to to go crazy! That's why, as a teacher, I always brought each student up to the front of the class on their birthday and forced them to endure a very dramatic singing of "Happy Birthday" by myself (on one knee, of course!) and the rest of the class! JERRY Becker likes to fly under the radar and wants no fuss. Two words: Party. Pooper. I was not allowed to send a cake to work with him, I was not allowed to tell the people he worked with that it was his birthday, I wasn't allowed to plan a party or get balloons....IT KILLED ME! Instead, I arranged a "birthday weekend" of sorts that respected the wishes of the birthday man but still allowed people to celebrate my husband. He is worth being celebrated! When you have a good man, you want him to know. :) So we did something small with a few friends Friday night and another thing with a few different friends the following night. That was our compromise. Roman will have no such luck on his birthday next month. Tough luck, bucko.

June also saw Mister Roman taking his first steps. He was tempting fate many times for weeks, trying to decide if he really cared enough to do it. Jerr got him to walk by fooling Ro and making him think he was being helped even though he was cruising on his own two legs, but the moment Dad was busted, the boy sat down. But as I was teaching piano lessons, the student's mom persuaded Roman to walk a few steps to her- and once I learned how to coax him (let's remember I know NOTHING about babies, pre-Roman!) he continued walking and grinning! He still didn't care enough to try to get around that way and limited his walking to the times he was asked and rewarded by an excited Mama or Dada on the other side but that has changed now. Turns out, one can move from point A to point B faster when walking versus crawling, and Roman doesn't mess around. So, walking has become the method of choice. He still doesn't always make it the entire away across a room on both feet, though sometimes he does, and will finish the journey by crawling. But I expect that will change in another week or two as well. BABIES CHANGE AND GROW SO FAST. What they can't quite do this week they will execute next week in a manner that suggests they've been doing it for years.

Aside from that, we've had good friend hang out times and I taught a session on vocal technique and support at our church's workshop for the vocalists...and Jerry is still taking college classes full time, in addition to working full time. That is the Becker life. And it's a good life. :)

I realized last night, while taking Sophie for her evening walk, that we have visitors in July, Roman and I take a trip to PA/VA in August, Cali in October, big holidays to celebrate through November and December, Becker Baby #2 joining us in January, Crider parents visit in March, Becker parents visit in May....and we are off island and back to the mainland, God willing, in December 2012. Wow. I have a feeling this next year and a half is going to fly.

So now you know- if you plan to take advantage of the free room in Hawaii and plenty of Becker loving, you have limited time to do so. SO COME VISIT ;)


  1. How did I miss that you have a new blog? Be still my heart, thanks for the updates!

  2. I say - Way to go Jerry!! Stand strong in your non-celebratory birthdayness - I am so there!!

  3. Jess don't encourage him!!!!!!!!! You guys kill me with your anti-celebrating!!!!!!!!

    Michelle, I don't know how you missed it but welcome :) I'm back. Carefully worded and strongly edited always. Ha!