Friday, May 13, 2011

An Update

Here's the update for our family:

Roman is 9.5 months old, has 4 teeth (2 on bottom are "fully grown" haha and 2 on top have just poked through the gums), is crawling and determined to walk very soon. He's a little guy- in the 15% percentile for height and weight at 18lbs and 27". He is drinking out of a sippy cup with a straw because straws are his happy place. Straws and cups of any kind. Oh... and he is the coolest person I know.

Jerr is still enjoying work, will have his Associates Degree as soon as these two classes he's taking are over, and is hoping to have his Bachelors Degree by the time we leave here/are out of the military: Dec, 2012. We are praying for him to find a job in Charlottesville, VA, and move back to the East Coast to stay FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):)

I am enjoying being a stay at home momma and have been singing with the Honolulu Chamber Choir this past spring season. I LOVE singing again, I love the challenge of the music, and I love having to think academically again. I have also started selling Scentsy Wickless Candles and am amazed at the blessing God has placed on it and the success I am having, even at this baby stage. It doesn't feel like selling- it feels like TEACHING about something that I personally think is really awesome and have all over my house even before I started my business....whoa, crazy. I suppose it's my Crider roots...almost all Criders have their own business in some way. It's in the genes.

And we are on a 2-4 months waiting list to move to a nicer, bigger house in Radford. For those of you in Hawaii, yes it's the amazing housing off of Salt Lake. For those of you not in Hawaii, it's only a mile or two from where we currently live now. Just an upgrade. :)

And that's the news!!!

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