Friday, May 13, 2011

New [Tentative] Beginnings....

There once was a blog about the Beckers abroad,
written for all to see.
Many enjoyed posts about the new little one,
and life and make-up and me!
Some, though, decided to write down their minds
without being gentle and kind.
So the blog went away to guard tender hearts
and re-think the purpose behind.
But since then there are those who request to bring back
the blog about Beckers and such.
So here we go, cautiously writing, again
to allow loved ones to stay in touch.
If you like what you read that's fantastic- I'm glad!
And if not please just keep to yourself.
It is not meant to offend, just a place to surmise,
It's my OPINION- not a weapon with stealth.
(yeah...that last line was pretty rough but I needed something to rhyme with "yourself!" It was "stealth" or "health" or "wealth," people!)


  1. I didnt read this the other day. LOVE. Who knew you were a poet too?!

  2. LOL use that term losely, Jamie....rhyming does not a poet make. ;) You saw the whole "weapon of stealth" fiasco!