Friday, May 13, 2011

Get ready for profound-iosity.

You know the deal- you walk into a friend's house and the first thing you do is look to see if it's a "shoe house" or a "no shoe house." Alright, maybe that's the second thing you do- the first thing is hug the hostess. I'M A HUGGER!

And the culture here in Hawaii is to remove them at the door. It just makes sense! The dirt here is red and sandy and stains easily.

The thing is, though, shoes make the outfit!!!!! If you know me, you know I don't just throw on a pair of flip flops and's often a pair of heels or boots. I was also born and raised in PA and most homes there were "shoes on" houses. So I have to admit that this "no shoes house" phenomenon is killing me- no, it's killing my outfits!!!! lol See!! The profound-iosity is overwhelming, isn't it?

And I totally DO see the beauty of having visitors remove their shoes at the door because there is less clean up- especially for homes having multiple children coming in and out and don't know the whole "wipe your feet on the mat" trick. And no, I don't send daggers to the homeowners for making me destroy "the fit," as my students in Cali would refer to my choice of attire. But on the Today show this morning they were talking about women's fascination with shoes, heels especially, and I was mourning the loss of my personal shoe greatness. I have actually stopped buying cute shoes because 1)how often to i really get to "dress up" any more and 2)shoes have to be kicked off at the doorway, so why waste money? (defending reason #1, I still dress in clothes other than sweats, even when I spend the day at home, but I rarely get to throw on a funky necklace, a cute pair of heels, and strut! lol)

In fact, it was a sad moment in Lauren world when I was pulling out all of my shoe boxes under the bed on a search for a lost item and discovered a COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN pair of leopard-print Michael Kors shoes with a gorgeous red heel!!!!!!! Tragic. That has never happened to me. This means two things to me, at this point.

I must have a bigger closet where all of my shoes can be properly displayed.

I must now create an outfit to showcase these bad boys.

Game on.

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